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Hey everyone! My name is Molly. Despite being 19 and attending college, I am still a true child at heart. I hope that you enjoy my blog. Feel free to ask questions. Check out my personal blog: holymolyguacamolly.tumblr.com



Lane debuted her latest Disney outfit this weekend at Disney World. I created her little Dapper inspired ensemble out of mostly upcycled materials. The skirt, bow tie, and armbands were made from two second-hand scrub tops I bought at Goodwill. The hat was another goodwill score for a couple bucks. The stripe fabric was a scrap I got off Etsy. I built a little petticoat underneath the skirt to give it some oomph. All in all a pretty easy and inexpensive outfit and she had a ball running around the park as a little Dapper Ann (or Daniella which she was also called.) ;)  (Special Thanks to Dapper Zak for the inspiration! You are adorable and I wish we were on the other coast to play at Disneyland with you!)

lane is the most adorable child on the planet <3 and i want a matching outfit tbh

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6 days ago
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